What is Kiwada Masaaki Shoten?
A city of bags in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture,
An OEM bag maker with batch production in a factory, which is rare in Japan.
The latest equipment and craftsmanship make it possible to create a variety of bags in a rational manner.
We are realizing manufacturing.
In addition, it is a certified company of the local brand "Toyooka Kaban".
Ethical initiatives
People around the world are beginning to work toward a common goal
SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
We also agree with the "Sustainable Development Goals" and are working on them little by little.
Strengths of Kiwada Masaaki Shoten
From planning and development to manufacturing using the latest IT equipment
A collaboration product that can only be produced in-house.
While responding to the price needs of the market, various materials and specifications,
And making assuming durability such as reinforcement material etc.
Craftsmanship that does not cut corners assuming the user down to the smallest detail
Brand introduction
At Kiwada Masaaki Shoten Co., Ltd.
Brands that have collaborated with external designers
Many have their own original brands.