Kiwada Masaaki Shoten Co., Ltd. Brand Introduction
  • "TUTUMU" with the concept of gently TUTUMU for precious treasures
    The soft and warm texture of natural materials,
    The latest functional material that is lightweight and water repellent.
    And it features a simple design that makes the most of its features.
  • Have a business life that suits you.” Are business bags high brands?
    Only heavy items made of black nylon material.
    Even when it's hard and unbearable at work or in private,
    By having your favorite business bag every day
    Motivate yourself and get over it.
    Enjoy your work more
    A bag with the theme of the opportunity to realize your ideal.
  • "beruf" means "profession" and "mission" in German,
    Products that support all people who enjoy “life with bicycles”
    Our mission is to provide.
    Products made from carefully selected materials and original designs
    promises comfortable use and reliable quality.
    All products are made in reliable workshops in Japan,
    It is carefully made one by one by the hands of craftsmen.
    Against the backdrop of “bicycle-derived functionality”
    In line with the three themes of "business", "travel" and "activity"
    Started developing items.
    It can become a new standard in each theme,
    We develop functional and clean-looking bags.
  • Pursuing the process leading up to the result of having the product of CIE (sea) in hand,
    An inquisitive mind that considers the “cause” and leads to new “results”
    Repetition of daily updates, Result = Cause = Result....
    Based on this repetitive equation, with the keyword "REAL GOODS"
    A brand that proposes "new values" for various people's lifestyles.
  • "WALKABOUT" by SANPAK and "Toyooka Kaban"
    Collaborative bag.
    The slogan is “Let'sgotoasmalladventurewitha backpack!”
    "WALK ABOUT" has been mainly exported to North America since the 1960s in Japan.
    The first outdoor equipment brand to manufacture nylon daypacks.
  • Based on the concept of "creating a higher-grade product",
    Commitment to materials, manufacturing methods and craftsmanship,
    From small areas, especially to invisible parts such as core materials
    A brand that aims to upgrade its products while making improvements.
  • ~ Not too much decoration is the key to your style ~
    ☆[fonctionnel] functional
    ☆ [pratique] convenience
    ☆ [légère] lightweight
    A brand that offers bags and wallets that are particular about colors and materials.
  • Thinking of customers who use it, we make each stitch with our soul.
    Original brand of Kiwada Masaaki Co., Ltd.