About Kiwada Masaaki Shoten Co., Ltd.
Toyooka City in Hyogo Prefecture is said to be Japan's largest producer of bags.
What is Kiwada Masaaki Shoten Co., Ltd.
An OEM bag manufacturer with integrated production in a factory, which is rare in Japan.
With the latest equipment and craftsmanship, we have realized rational manufacturing that corresponds to various bag making.
In addition, it is a certified company of the local brand "Toyooka Kaban".
We utilize the production capabilities we have cultivated in the OEM business for our own brands, and actively employ external designers.
The reason is to cover the demerit of sending from a local city,
We actively employ excellent designers living in the city center to produce collaborative products.
In addition, as a long-established company in the bag production area, the Toyooka Bag Industry Association and
We aim to develop the bag industry together with Toyooka City.
Regional brand “Toyooka Kaban” business, artisan school, sewing training training center, etc.
The human resources development business is the starting point of manufacturing, and it is also the most important issue for the industry.
We are also actively working to become a company that is trusted by society.
About Toyooka Kaban
Among the bags made in Toyooka, they are produced by companies certified by the Hyogo Prefecture Bag Industry Association,
"Toyooka Kaban" is an excellent product that has passed the examination.
Strict standards are set for design, specifications, materials, parts, sewing, etc.
Made in Japan, manufactured only by companies that comply with the contents of the manifesto.

What is the content of the manifest?

  • Using carefully selected materials, cutting and sewing,
    A production system born from a 1000-year tradition of manufacturing with strict quality control
  • Products that comply with strict standards that have passed inspection based on the quality standards set by the Hyogo Prefecture Bag Industry Association
  • "Toyooka Kaban" attaches a warranty to all products, and the quality assurance for each product is
    Although it is the manufacturing company, the warranty system allows you to register the warranty as Toyooka Kaban.
  • We promise to do our best to respond to customer requests and opinions regarding repairs, observe product warranty standards,
    After-sales service that builds relationships with customers through hand-made bags
  • Reliable technology honed over a thousand years and repeated challenges to continue to change and evolve
    The concept of originality that continues to create products unique to Toyooka Kaban
  • The brand "Toyooka Kaban" is an important asset of Toyooka.
    Moving forward as a regional brand that grows with customers